Brothers' Road Trip to Pittsburgh, PA - Feb 2012

Andy and his brothers Chris and Dave ready for a first ever road trip
Andy and Dave with some facial hair for the trip
A view of Pittsburgh out our hotel window
A tall building in Pittsburgh
The Carnegie Science Center across from Heinz Field
We saw quite a few joggers on this path by the river
The Pittsburgh Skyline
'Part of America Died' - a poem tribute to fallen policeman
Three Cleveland boys in front of Heinz Field in Pittsburgh?
The Heinz field scoreboard
'A Tribute to Children' is the name of this tribute to Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers statue by the river - tying his shoes
I grew up watching Mister Rogers!
Dave expresses what we were all thinking (Heinz Field in the background)
Andy with Pittsburgh behind him
First professional football game was held near here in 1892.
The old site of Three Rivers Stadium - home of many losses by the Browns over the years!
Art Rooney Ave - very close to Heinz Field
No question about what team plays here
A statue of Art Rooney right outside Heinz Field
Chris tries to test out the cigar
Dave and Andy by the Art Rooney statue
That is a big scoreboard!
Lots of yellow seats inside the stadium
Heinz Field - looking at back of scoreboard
The stadium license holders get a special tribute since they paid a lot towards the new stadium
Heinz Field
Feb 5, 2012 - Andy at Heinz Field
Andy pretending to urinate on the stadium
Walking around Heinz Field on a chilly February day
Carnegie Science Center - we saw an IMAX movie in there
Andy and Dave checking out the scenery by the river
USS Requin - launched in 1945 - became a museum in 1990
The Tornado Alley movie was exciting
A view of Heinz Field from across the river
The incline has two cars that travel up and down
The lower entrance to the Duquesne Incline
The Duquesne Incline was built in 1877
Going up?
Dave and Chris inside the incline car
A long way down...
A car passing us as we travelled up
A nice view of the city emerges as we rise in altitude
Heinz Field is very close to the river
Pittsburgh from on top of the Duquesne Incline
Andy and Dave on top of the Incline
Chris and Dave with downtown Pittsburgh behind
Heinz Field from the top of Duquesne Incline
There are a lot of bridges in Pittsburgh - many painted yellow
The outside of the top of the Duquesne Incline entrance
A lot of water here
The tracks for the train
The car remains level as it travels up the tracks
great views from on top of the incline
these inclines were a big part of Pittsburgh's history
We went on the self-guided tour of the engine room - pretty impressive
That is some thick cable!
These gears are made of wood
A diagram of how the incline works
The operator sat in this area
A mechanical engineering landmark
Going down?
Heading back down the hill
Three brothers inside the Incline car
Looking up the Incline from the bottom
Today was Superbowl Sunday 2012 - Steelers were not playing this year
This was the last day of the Occupy Pittsburgh protest
Heading home through the tunnel

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