Alex's 3rd Birthday Party - The Fresh Beat Band

Alex's birthday cake - made by a friend
It tasted as good as it looked!
The Fresh Beat Band was Alex's favorite show at this time
A smaller cake for Alex he could eat with his allergies
Uncle Chris was in for Alex's 3rd birthday!
The spread for Alex's birthday
The Chilcotes with our girls at Alex's party
Alex's Fresh Beat Band party had a 'stage area'
Mom lights the candles on Alex's cake
Happy birthday to you...
Three whole candles! Where has the time gone?
An excited Alex!
proud to be three
Elijah (front left) looks like he knows what he is doing!
Alex with his 'band'
The favors for the party
Alex with a big present to open
A Toy Story car! This must be for Daddy
Alex with a gift from Grandma and Grandpa
Ben and Elliot take in the gift opening
A crowd forms when the gifts are opened
A doctor kit!
Our family on Alex's birthday - Feb 4, 2012
Take 2 - still not much of a look from Alex!
we wrapped out gifts in newspaper as we were out of paper - he didn't care
Are we all done Dad?

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