West Coast Trip 2019 - June 2019 - Memphis

All smiles in the van as we head out
Passing through Nashville
Hello Memphis!
The sign outside the memorial

Mom and the girls outside the memorial

The wreath marks the spot where MLK was assasinated
Another view of the motel
A great view of the memorial
Alex standing near the spot where MLK was shot
Sign describing the day when MLK was shot
View of the street from the memorial
A view of the spot where the shooter stood when he shot MLK
A sign outside the memorial
More information about the memorial
Some facts about the history of the city
A small bit of information near the memorial
This is the spot where MLK was shot in 1968
A wide view of the memorial
Dad and Sarah stand near the entrance to the National Civil Rights Museum
Deanna and the girls standing near the museum's entrance
Alex loves reading about history!
Lots of people are visiting the historical site today
A mural of inspirational historical figures
A sign showing the Lorraine Hotel, adjacent to the Lorraine Motel
"Elvis Presly BLVD"
Elvis's house, "Graceland"
The kids are standing outside of Graceland
Dad and Alex by the gate entering Graceland
Char posing near the Graceland visitor's wall
Thousands of signatures and notes are left for Elvis on the visitor wall
The visitor's wall outside Graceland
Some notes written by those who visit Graceland
A visitor's Elvis drawing on the Graceland sidewalk
We didn't have any chalk, so crayon it is!
Mom and Char exiting an Elvis souvenir shop
A local Catholic Church we attended before leaing Memphis
The kids outside the church where we attended Mass
Mom makes a funny pose at a hotel breakfast
Mom and Sarah standing outside of the hotel before we left
A quick view of the backseat of the van

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