Charlotte's First Communion

April 18, 2013 - First Communion Picture Night
Charlotte's 2nd grade class - Mrs. Jeanmougin is teacher
Charlotte with her teacher Mrs. Jeanmougin
Char at her First Communion pictures - a few weeks before the sacrament
Charlotte with her second grade class
Charlotte outside with Mary on picture night
Charlotte with Mary
Char with classmate John
Char's big day - May 6, 2013
Char outside ready to go to her First Communion
Char by the phlox we planted together right around Sarah's First Communion.
All the weeding paid off for this one picture!
Char poses outside before her First Holy Communion
All smiles for Char before her big event
Beautiful Char looks stunning in white
Charlotte before her First Communion
The veil is the same one Sarah wore on her First Communion
Alex is blinded by the white of Char's dress
Char with brother Alex
Our family before Char's First Communion Mass
I like the perspective of the sidewalks here
Alex and Sarah before Mass started
Alex was well behaved during mass - a tough feat for the four year old
Char pays attention during Mass
Char shortly after receiving her First Communion
The kids after Mass
Our family after 12:30pm Mass - May 5, 2013
Char with her Malloy side of the family
Our family with the Malloy side of the family
Char with Grandma and Grandpa
The whole gang that came to the First Communion Mass
Big hugs for Mom
Say cheese...
Fr. Shearer celebrated Charlotte's First Communion Mass
Grandma & Grandpa with Char
It must be a special occasion for Grandpa to not have a hat on!
Char with Uncle Scott and Aunt Brenda
Char with flowers from her prayer partner
Char with Grandma after her First Communion Mass
Grandma and Char after Mass
Proud Dad with Char before her First Communion Party
The cake for Charlotte's Communion
There was lots of good food at Char's party
Alex is much more comfortable in his basketball shirt
Sarah and Stacy with plenty of food
The girls start to get some food
The weather was in the 60's - good for bike riding
Lexi and Sarah
Char with her gift from Grandma & Grandpa
Char with Alex outside enjoying the May weather
Some friends at Char's party
Grandma with Alex and Char
Char got some nice gifts at her party
Char opens a jewelry box from Grandma
Char opens some jewelry she received from Mom and Dad

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