September 2012 Photos

A caterpillar in a chrysalis - awaiting to become a butterfly
We found several caterpillars and watched them turn into butterflies
Alex and Dad share some laughs together
Ha ha!!!
A building lit up nicely in Indianapolis on Sept 11th
The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument
This monument was built in 1888
The weather was perfect for walking around the city on a September night
The hotel we stayed at in Indianapolis
This monument was built to honor Indiana's veterans
We arrive at the Murat theatre for the Entreleadership event!
Our view of the stage for the EntreLeadership event
Mr. Dave Ramsey in the flesh!
Dave speaking at the EntreLeadership event - Sept 12, 2012
Dave Ramsey with Chris Locurto
The EntreLeadership event was informative and entertaining
The Murat theatre was an impressive structure
Q & A with Dave Ramsey
Andy outside the Murat theatre in Indianapolis
Signs leading us the way to the Coordinator Rally in Indianapolis
Andy meets Dave Ramsey at an FPU coordinator rally we attended in Indianapolis
Dave speaks to a room full of FPU volunteer coordinators
Dave gave some awards out for coordinators with the most classes
Deanna and I had a good time at the coordinator rally
Alex having some fun with Mom at home
Alex shows off his new backpack!
nice modelling, Alex
Alex reflecting on his life
The incredible folding Alex
Ta Da!!!
Alex takes a rare nap on the couch
A very pretty sunset on a September night
Getting some drum practice in
Hit it, Char!
Alex hits the skins
You can see how small Alex is from this view
Gathering around to see the first butterfly that formed from the caterpillars
A black swallowtail butterfly!
The first of several butterflies that emerged
A black swallowtail butterfly - amazing this formed from a caterpillar
Mom and the girls let the butterfly go - he flew away fast!
Char touches a caterpillar
These caterpillars have a "forked gland", called the osmeterium. When in danger, the osmeterium everts and releases a foul smell to repel predators.
We took many caterpillars from the garden and put them in our
These caterpillars liked the parsley
Dinner time!

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