October 2012 Photos

Alex went to the Learning Tree Farm for a school field trip
Alex pets the farm dog (it's sole purpose is to be pet!)
Alex and class head off to see some animals
Alex checks out some chickens
Heading in to get a closer look
Chickens everywhere!
Mom watches Alex from behind a screen like a zoo animal
Alex gets some 'hands on' experience on the farm
Alex holds a chicken!
Alex gets acquainted with some chickens
Alex and a classmate have fun outside the classroom
Ummm.. a little help here...
Alex with a close look at a chicken!
Come on in, little buddy
Alex pets the sheep!
Not sure if Alex was trying to pick this sheep up or what!
Back to the great outdoors...
Kids and animals are always a good combination
Alex seems to be putting on a show for his friends
Alex with his class at the farm
Alex getting a close view of some animals
Not sure what this expression is about
Yes, Alex?
Alex gets to hold a baby goat
Not sure Alex has a good grip here..
Alex trying to get a good look at the animals
Alex with Miss Kerry
Alex's favorite time - snack time!
The kids line up for an obstacle course before they get their pumpkins
Climb, climb!
Go, Alex, Go!
Alex gets some help down from an obstacle
Wow, pumpkins!
Alex finds the pumpkin that matches the color from his clothespin
Alex and his class pose for a group picture
Alex with all 3 year old AM preschool class
Alex is shy around the girls - just like Dad
Alex finds something to entertain himself
Alex keeps himself busy before leaving the farm
Oct 5, 2012 - a trip to the Kentucky Speedway for a Christmas gift to Rick
This tunnel leads to the speedway
The Kentucky Speedway on a nice October day
Rick ready to get a ride in a racecar
Rick waiting for instructions
Rick takes a seat before getting suited up
We chipped in to buy Rick some laps in a racecar for Christmas
Rick puts on his racing attire
These guys don't mess around with safety
Rick gets his helmet fit and strapped in
Just like Dukes of Hazzard...
Awaiting his ride...
Alex wore Dad's noise-cancelling headphones as he hates loud noises
Oct 8, 2012 - the newest addition to our family
Andy with a new lawnmower - 1st one in 10 years
Sarah tries out the lawnmower - much easier to push than before!
A Black Swallowtail butterfly - we found caterpillars in our garden and kept them until they turned to butterflies
Our old lawnmower - free for the taking on the curb
Even with this sign, the mower was gone in 45 minutes
After over 10 years of service, this is how we treat it
We enjoy a meal outside in October - maybe one of the last ones of 2012
Sarah gets her night splints to help stretch her heel cords
The big pine tree in our front yard died shortly after we returned from vacation
The tree is quite a bit taller than the house
Sarah and Alex watch the action from inside
Our friend Andy offered to cut down the tree - here he is trying to cut the top off
He used a ladder to try to get into the tree
One last look at our house from across the street
Andy ties a rope to help guide the tree down - we had to abandon the plan to cut only the top off
A long rope tied to the tree to help guide it away from the house
Andy on pulling duty to keep the tree from falling on our house
It's down!
Andy starts the clean-up effort
Yeah, this tree was definitely dead
We got this all cleaned up in two sessions
Our friend Andy took most of the wood to use in a fire pit
Our 2012 Christmas tree? Probably not
Our house looks different with the tree out of the way
Deanna and Andy working to cut the tree stump to the ground
Our house is now visible from the street
Our house - Oct 21, 2012
Alex stands where the pine did earlier this day
Alex with his two buddies Red and Baby Bear!

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