Florida Vacation Sept 2012 - 8 of 8 - Downtown Disney

T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney
We stopped here for dessert later in the week
Woody and Buzz made of legos!
A close-up of the lego car
A car made totally of legos!
Snow White and one of the seven lego dwarfs
Nice attention to detail here
Heigh Ho... Heigh Ho...
A big dragon made of legos!
The dragon's head had lots of detail
Downtown Disney isn't as busy during the day
We spent some money in this store for sure!
Downtown Disney decorated for Halloween
Planet Hollywood was a long wait on a Sat night
Andy with 'The Terminator' from T2 at Planet Hollywood
The Island does offer pleasure - but at a price...
Alex with Woody!
The kids with Woody and Buzz !
Lots of legos to play with!
Dig in, Alex (and Dad too)
Can't you see we're busy here?
Lots of different colors of legos to buy
Sarah makes a car from legos
Char makes a car also - but wheels were tough to come by
Sarah with a car ready for competition
Sarah ready to compete when the lego store person gets the race setup
We ate dessert here one night - still spent more than a sit-down meal back at home!
Inside the T-Rex Restaurant
very cool decor and lights inside T-Rex
There was a 'meteor shower' every 20 mins inside!
Some fish next to our table
That would be strange if they caught these and served them to guests
Some unique fish inside the tank
Some kind of yellow fish
Fish with some great details
Nice stripes!
Alex got some non-dairy sorbet for dessert
Alex insisted his ears be closed during the 'meteor shower' that was loud
Don't mind that big fish on the table...
Alex's first cold treat in a restaurant
Alex all smiles with sorbet
This was a uniquely decorated place to eat
The bar had a really cool aquarium
We let the kids build and bring home their own dinosour friends
The floor inside the Build-A-Dino store
Char's dino just stuffed
Alex helps stitch up his red dinosour
Alex's friend gets a 'bath' and his fur brushed
Alex helps Mom register his friend - and name him 'Red'
Alex can't get enough of the computer!
Alex with 'Red' - Char with 'Rosie' and Sarah with 'Sarah' for triceratops
The kids had fun with their new friends
Our family increased by three tonight
I guess with these you can get a dino through airport security
T-Rex lit up nicely at night
Nice bones....
Sarah with some love for the T-Rex
Reach.... Reach...
Goodbye T-Rex!
Downtown Disney - don't be surprised by a void in your wallet after a visit!
Alex sleeps in the car with his new friend 'Red'
Alex never sleeps in the car - he must be tired!
Three tired kids with new dino friends

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