Florida Vacation Sept 2012 - 4 of 8 - Magic Kingdom

The entrance to Walt Disney World!
The place where dreams come true...
Mom does some hair on the tram to Magic Kingdom
Mom and Alex ready to go to the Magic Kingdom
We took the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom
Travelling on the seven Seas lagoon
The Seven Seas Lagoon is man made - it used to be a swamp
The castle appears from the horizon
There it is!
Char's glasses are dark with the Florida sun
The girls excited for Magic Kingdom
Andy is a one person video crew
Mom and Alex sporting sunglasses
Let the memories begin!
Our family ready to head inside Magic Kingdom
Notice the pumpkin decorations at Disney
Charlotte outside Disney's Magic Kingdom
Sarah joins Char outside Magic Kingdom - Sept 26, 2012
There were still lots of people for an off season month!
Main Street USA with sunny skies
Disney decorated for fall and Halloween
We watched a quick trolley show soon after coming in
Inside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom
We returned to the Magic Kingdom - Sept 30, 2012
The Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party
Chip and Dale at the parade
Some characters from the Jungle Book
Woody and Jesse - Magic Kingdom parade
Mickey and Minnie at the Magic Kingdom parade
Mickey working the crowd
This parade was really lively
Char gets her wish as we buy a fan to share on hot Florida days
Sarah and Char with a nice Disney cast member waiting for Merida from brave
Alex cools off with our new portable misting fan
The famous Dumbo ride!
Mom and Alex on the Dumbo ride
Char, Mom and Alex ready for the Dumbo ride!
What a ride!
The entrance to the Dumbo ride
Waiting their turn
Welcome to the circus!
Mom takes on Dumbo with Alex and Sarah
Looking down at Mainstreet USA at Magic Kingdom
Alex gets a Mickey to take home!
The train station at the entrance to Magic Kingdom with Halloween decorations
The entertainment at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
Space Mountain - Charlotte loved this ride
The kids liked the Mad Tea Party
The teacups ride at Magic Kingdom
Alex and Dad on the Mad Tea Party ride
Sarah rides solo in a tea cup
The entrance to the 'It's a small world' ride
The girls loved the 'it's a small world' ride
Scenery within the 'It's a small world' ride
I remember this ride from when I was a kid!
The air conditioning was very nice on this ride as well!
Some Hawaiian dancers on the ride
The lighting and scenery were enjoyable on the ride
The kids really enjoyed the 'It's a Small World' ride
PhilharMagic was a very cool 4-D show
Main Street USA - lit up at night
I like this drummer's style
The train station at Magic Kingdom lit up at night
Alex with his buddy Char
Alex and Char heading back to the van on the tram
Char must have been really tired - she never sleeps in the car!
We rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom the 2nd day we went
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
The girls admiring the scenes of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Apparently they do have some mountains in Florida
Alex has no idea what he is getting into!
The Frontierland Railroad Station
Mom and Dad get some cold treats as well
The state butterfly of Florida (Zebra longwing butterfly) that Sarah spotted and identified
Mom has some fun spraying the girls
Mom strikes another unsuspecting victim
Mom is proud of the mischief she has caused with the misting fan
The Hall of Presidents - we didn't get to go in here
Deanna tries to get the sword out from the Sword and the Stone
Sarah tries to get the sword out
Char gives the sword a try with Sarah watching
None of us got the sword out...
Andy filming or annoying the family depending on who you ask
Alex has fun with a puppet before eating dinner
The kids get entertained before dinner
Alex got a special pizza made because of his allergies
The Pinocchio Village Haus is where we ate for dinner
Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom
Forrest Gump and Forrest Gump Jr.
You're never to old to ride on the carousel
Tomorrowland was one of the best parts of Magic Kingdom for us
Alex and Dad hit the PeopleMover while the girls rode another ride
Mom and the girls from the people mover
Alex loves escalators and now people movers!
Tomorrowland from the view of the people mover
Alex and Dad on the people mover
The kids loved the Tomorrowland Speedway
The Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom
Char and Mommy ready to hit the pavement
Mom and Charlotte back to the pits after their ride
Alex and Dad enjoy some male bonding / racing time
The Tomorrowland Speedway from the people mover
Waiting in line at the speedway
Zoom Zoom
The girls are ready to hit the open road!
'Give me some gas, Dad![
It's Mater and Lightning McQueen!
The Buzz Lightyear ride was very cool
Buzz himself
Andy's score on the ride! You got points for shooting targets along the way
Oh no, Zurg has the kids!
The castle in the distance from a bridge on the speedway
The new Fantasyland (not yet open) - with Belle's castle
Some familiar looking shrubs...
A storm was moving in as we left Magic Kingdom - it did downpour minutes later

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