Florida Vacation Sept 2012 - 6 of 8 - Cocoa Beach

The girls help carry our bin full of beach snacks and toys (with no shortage of complaints)
Our first view of Cocoa Beach
Welcome to Cocoa Beach!
The kids at Cocoa Beach - Sept 27, 2012
It was a little too sunny for this picture I guess
The girls enter the ocean for the first time
A view down the coast of Cocoa Beach
The weather was close to 90 this day and the water temperature was perfect
Sarah enjoys some relaxing time in the water
Charlotte enjoying the water at Cocoa Beach
Charlotte taking in the sites of the Atlantic Ocean
Looking back to the shore from the Ocean
Blue skies at the beach
The ocean is quite a site
Cocoa Beach wasn't very commercialized which was great
Alex playing with the sand at the beach
The girls play with some other kids at the beach
Having fun in the sand
The kids enjoying time at the beach
Alex sees his shadow at the beach
It was pretty bright for Alex at the beach
Sarah enjoying the beach
Alex at Cocoa Beach
D gets some reading in at the beach
Sarah coming out of the water
Sarah at the beach
Alex with some sand on his face!
Alex has a beard of sand!
I guess Alex wanted to take the beach home with him!
Alex with Mom at the beach
Alex and Mom enjoy some warm Ocean weather
Alex laughed very hard at every single wave that passed us by!
Alex loved watching for the waves!
Alex waiting for the next wave
I got water in the camera by taking one of these pictures! Rice in the bag came to the rescue and fixed it!
Alex loved his first trip to the ocean
Alex makes some 'adjustments'...
Mom with her boy at the beach
Alex and Mom enjoyed time in the water
I guess I have to haul my keg back to the car...
The place we rented our beach chairs - notice the fine print!
Good bye Cocoa Beach - see you again
One last look at the beach
We found a great local restaurant in Cocoa Beach called the Sunset Cafe
Alex is not impressed with the sunset behind him...
This dinner was one of the best memories of the trip
The girls dig in to some chocolate cake
Char broke her braces expander with too much cake!
Dig in, girls!
What a beautiful sunset...

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