Florida Vacation Sept 2012 - 3 of 8 - Disney Character Meetings

At Animal Kingdom, we wait in line to visit Mickey
Alex and Mom in line to see Mickey
Char takes little brother Alex to see the big mouse
Alex is excited to see Mickey!
All smiles for Mickey
Alex often puts her hands by his mouth when he is nervous
Our family with Mickey! Sept 25, 2012
Char says goodbye to Mickey
The girls meet the latest Disney princess - Rapunzel!
Rapunzel talks about leaving her tower to the girls
The girls with Rapunzel in the Magic Kingdom
Belle from Beauty and the Beast is up next
Belle is flattered by something Sarah says
The area for the princesses was decorated very nicely
Dad loved the air conditioning rooms the princesses were in!
The girls with Belle
Mom poses with Belle and the girls
Alex watches a show while the girls visit the princesses
Cinderella was the last of three princesses we visited in one area at the Magic Kingdom
'Bring it in girls...'
There were lots of lights for pictures
A nice picture of three princesses
I felt pretty under-dressed for this picture..
The kids meet Merida from the latest Disney/Pixar movie Brave
Merida signs her autograph for the kids
The kids talk with Merida
'Come here, Charlotte'
Everyone looked different directions on this one
Alex gives Merida a snuggle
Look what the cat dragged in - Alice!
Alice in Wonderland signs the girls' book
Alice talks to the girls
The girls pose with Alice in Wonderland
Pluto with the kids outside the entrance to Magic Kingdom
The kids meet up with Mickey again - this time at Epcot
All smiles with the big mouse
It looks like Char is grabbing Pluto's tongue
Pluto motions for Alex to come over
Pluto brings out the smiles in the kids
Alex ready with his Mickey Mouse ears
Minnie Mouse in the house!
Alex has his eye on Minnie
The kids with Minnie Mouse - Sept 28, 2012
The kids ready to see Donald Duck
Donald poses with the kids
Alex really looks up (literally) to Goofy!
Goofy being... well... Goofy
The whole family gets Goofy (especially D with closed eyes)
We met with the princesses again a couple days later back at the Magic Kingdom
'Am I in the wrong place, Dad?'
Rapunzel sings the girls' autograph book
The princesses were very nice and had some nice things to say tot the kids
Alex has his eye on other princesses apparently
Alex holds Rapunzel's long hair
Rapunzel wants a group hug before the kids depart
What a nice group hug
The kids meet Belle again
Alex is intrigued by a real life princess
All the kids with Belle from Beauty and the Beast
The princesses talk among themselves
The kids with Cinderella - Sept 30, 2012
Bye, Cinderella!
Alex receives hugs more than he gives them
Cinderella says farewell
Mary Poppins was very formal in her apperance and mannerisms
'Mary, this is my brother Alex'
Mary Poppins signs the kids' autograph book
The kids pay close attention to Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins with the children (sounds like a caption Mary Poppins would write)
The girls run into Daisy Duck at Epcot
Daisy with Sarah and Char
Alex joins in the fun
Alex getting kisses blown already...
Daisy signs the girls' book
Stitch makes an apperance at Epcot
'sign right here, please'
The kids with Stitch at Epcot

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