Florida Vacation Sept 2012 - 2 of 8 - Animal Kingdom Visit

A car parked in the Disney Animal Kingdom parking lot
Char sports her ear piece to listen to the instructor during the Disney YES (Youth Education Series) class
Sarah has her ear piece on and is ready to learn at Disney
The girls with their 'scorpion' group
Lots of people lined up and ready to get into Animal Kingdom as it opens
The girls observe some animals during the YES program at Disney's Animal Kingdom
The girls listen to their teacher during their class
Some nice scenery at Animal Kingdom
A Komodo Dragon - we learned their saliva is poisonous
A path through Animal Kingdom
A few bats hanging upside down
A tiger walks up to us at Animal Kingdom
We learned that tigers poop in the water to avoid human detection
Luckily their was glass between us and this nice tiger
The class watching the tiger
There were lots on interesting trees and plants in the park
Walking through Animal Kingdom with the group
The signature icon of Animal Kingdom - 'The Tree of Life'
The girl walk during the 3 hour morning class
Sarah gets to babysit 'C.C.' - the kids all took turns
A sign we passed right after I gave Char a banana from our bag!
A rhino we saw on the safari
Seven hippos in the water - they sleep during the day and
Some giraffes say hello on our safari ride
There were a lot of elephants we spotted on the safari
Another elephant we saw along the way
A baby elephant with its mother
Some pink flamingos spotted along the way
A pretty waterfall we saw in the park
Dad went with the girls for the early morning class
The girls listen during the Animal Kingdom class
Char during the end of the YES session at Disney
'Pick me - Pick me!'
Char pays attention during the end of the YES session at Disney
Sept 25, 2012 - girls outside Animal Kingdom - ready to go get Mom and Alex
Alex is ready to go to Disney!
The kids enjoy some lunch before we headed to Animal Kingdom as a family
Alex watches 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' with his Mickey ears on
Mom surprised the girls with these shirts when we got back from the morning class
Alex's first time on his favorite ride, the tram (aka Trolley) took us from the parking lot to the main entrance
Mom and Sarah sit back and enjoy the ride into Animal Kingdom
The kids ready to go into Animal Kingdom (the 2nd time in the same day for the girls)
Some pretty flowers inside the park
One of many 'stroller parking lots' inside the park
The Lion King show was a great time
Everyone but Alex enjoyed the show (it was too loud for him)
Some monkeys doing stunts during the Lion King show
The show had lots of elaborate costumes and colorful characters
The Lion King show at Disney's Animal Kingdom
The singing was very good at the Lion King show
Mom with the kids leaving the Africa part of Animal Kingdom
Enjoying some special ice cream during a rest on a hot Florida Sept day
Dad and Alex on a break at Animal Kingdom
Good times at Disney
Alex was happy with frozen lemonade since he can't have ice cream
The start of an afternoon parade at Animal Kingdom
Alex watches the parade with Mommy
Mickey on a float during the parade at Animal Kingdom
Another part of the parade
Goofy during the parade
One of many colorful and interesting parts of the parade
Alex and Dad watch the parade
Donald Duck in the parade at Animal Kingdom
The wildlife reserve part of Animal Kingdom
Mom and Alex join us on the safari ride
A hippo going into the water
Notice there is a giraffe under that tree in the distance
The landscape on the reserve was very picturesque
A number of giraffes eating
An elephant on the reserve
We had a great view of an elephant from our safari
Forgot what animal this was but it came very close to our vehicle!
His horns are still visible in the tall grass
We got pretty close to some of the animals on our ride
Mom looks out during the safari
A number of elephants on the reserve
Animals with some interesting horns
A warthog!
ostrich eggs they pointed out along the way
The signature icon of Animal Kindgom - 'The Tree of Life'
Our family in front of the 'The Tree of Life'
A sign within the park
We head to Dinoland, U.S.A within Animal Kingdom
The kids are headed to Dinoland!
Alex and Andy rode this ride a number of times
A ride that Mom and the girls rode - Alex was too short
Animal Kindom closed and we were on our way to the car
We ate at the exotic restaurant called 'Outback' for dinner
Mom and Sarah at dinner - Tues, Sept 25th
Umm,,, I think something is wrong with the sign here...

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