Girls Return to School, Alex Starts Preschool

Sarah and Char first day of school - Aug 20, 2012
Sarah starts 4th grade, Char starts 2nd
Dad the driver gets ready to take the girls to school - first year with Sarah at the other campus
Dad and Alex getting ready to leave for school
Alex eats a banana and waffle before headng to his first day of preschool
Sept 4, 2012 - Alex shows off the shirt he is wearing on his first day of school
Alex was excited to go to school - he is not normally up at 8:15am!
'Why do you keep taking pictures, Mom?'
Alex exits the door and has his own personal camera crew!
Alex on his first day of preschool - Sept 4, 2012
Our little boy has gotten big
You can see how little Alex is at the end of the sidewalk
We arrive at school - right around 9am
Alex walks the same sidewalk that the girls did years earlier
The entrance to Alex's school - this is where they have snacks later in the morning
Alex helps Mom find his 'cubby hole' for his bag
Alex and Mom about to walk through the door
Alex finds his seat and gets welcomed by Miss Kerry

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