August 2012 Photos

The snack bar menu for the Anderson's annual summer party!
Alex enjoys a popsicle at the Anderson's party
The girls had a great time at the party
The kids show off their bracelets for entry to Coney Island
Walking into Coney Island
Eating at Coney Island for LexisNexis company outing
Alex and Dad on the merry-go-round!
The girls still get enjoyment from the carousel
Char takes a picture of Dad
Ready to ride!
I was worried Alex was going to hate the ride but he really liked it!
This was quite the ride! It was too much for Sarah as she didn't ride
Char heads down the big slide
It's a race to the finish!
Alex and Dad ready to ride!
'Let me take the wheel, Dad!'
Sarah looking for a crash
Sarah all smiles on the bumper cars
Dad isn't messing around!
Brenda and Charlotte racing around
Brenda has a good time with Charlotte driving
'Hit it Dad!'
Sarah and Char ready to ride 'Frog Hopper'
Brenda and Deanna take a break while the kids go on a ride
Char having second thoughts about this ride?
Sarah is one of the older kids on this ride
The girls stretch to move the boat
Alex gets suited up for his boat ride
Our boat before the rain moved in
The sky opened up and showered us all with rain!
Alex looking like a drowned rat after the rain
You can tell Alex doesn't have a thick head of hair yet!
Dad and Alex very wet after a paddle boat ride
Boy were we wet!
Brenda was a good sport after getting absolutely drenched!
Alex and Char hanging out in a 'schoolhouse'
The old mining town at Coney Island
We hit the Ferris Wheel after the rain downpour
The girls on the Ferris Wheel
Alex had a great time on the Ferris Wheel
By the time they load up all the passengers it seems like there isn't much time for the actual ride
Girls ready for the ride
Notice Alex's little hand waving
Some pretty flowers I spotted while waiting for the family
Some nice color here
Clowing around at Coney Island
One last ride on the carousel before leaving Coney Island
The girls at lunch at TJ Chumps on Dad's staycation
'Can't you see I'm eating here!'
Some colorful petunias in downtown Miamisburg
Char 'hangs out' during our stroll through downtown Miamisburg
Andy with a 'Master's Green Jacket' tried on at a thrift store
Char rides a horse during a visit to Idle Hour Ranch
Alex with Mom getting a horse ride
Sarah rides horse at Idle Hour Ranch - Aug 10, 2012
'I got it Mom!'
Mom helps our her little cowboy
Mom got a workout walking with Alex
The kids enjoyed the horse rides
Char was scared at first but liked the ride once she got going
Sarah rides her second horse of the summer
A funny sign at Idle Hour Ranch
Alex and Dad sporting coordinating colors
Alex gets a tickle from a goat
It looks like Dad was trying to feed Alex instead of the goats!
All smiles with the goats!
The goats were anxious for the food!
The kids head up to see Sam - the giraffe!
Sam the giraffe says 'one of these people has to have some food!'
Char with Sam the giraffe at Idle Hour Ranch
'Here you go, Sam'
The top of Sam's head is quite interesting
Sam takes a break from eating to show off his head
This shows just how tall Sam is!
Mom and the kids are lined up according to height
Sam doesn't let you forget about him
Mom and Sam share a smooch
Sam is using his long neck to get our attention
Sam looks like another family member here
Sam gives Alex some affection
Sam way taller than any of us!
'Here you go, Sam!'
Hello, Sam!
All of that height rests on these legs and feet
Girls check out some other animals
Mom and the kids feed some goats
Another fun sign at the ranch
This bird put on quite the show for us
Alex and Mom at the ranch
Sarah with something interesting on her head
The kids had fun on this unique teeter totter
Sarah on the teeter totter
Hangin' out at the ranch
Char loved feeding the bunnies
Char feeds a bunny
There was lots to see at the ranch
The kangaroos were fun to watch
I like their long tails
Mom and Alex at Idle Hour Ranch - Aug 10, 2012
Pretty sky while leaving the ranch
Another good visit to Idle Hour Ranch complete
Andy and the kids at the pool - Aug 13, 2012
Char with her braces - Aug 23, 2012
Char's teeth after 1 month with braces - amazing how much difference in one month
One of three 'Callerpitters' we found in the garden
Char helped Dad make pancakes one morning - she is much better at it than Dad!
Sarah and Char ready for the Fresh Beat Band Concert!
We got there early as we didn't have seats but lawn tickets
The Chilcote family at the Fresh Beat Band Concert
The stage is set for the show!
Alex is ready to rock!
Alex waits for Fresh Beat Band - Aug 31, 2012
'There must be someone else I know here with all these people...'
Char awaits the Fresh Beat Band
The girls with friend Emma at the concert
4 minutes 'till showtime!
The grown-ups waiting for the show too!
The Fresh Beat Band In the flesh!
They did actually sing during the show
'Twist' was very tall in person!
The outfits were very colorful!
The kids had a great time at their first real concert
The kids danced together at the show
'Twist' doing some dance moves during the show
The video display screen added a lot of visual elements to the show
The crew changing the stage for the second part of the show
My friend Brian with son Matthew drove from Columbus for the show
Emma and Sarah clowing around during intermission of the show
Char took this picture of me during intermission of the show
Elijah having fun at the Fresh Beat Band show
Alex with Mom at the Fresh Beat Band show
An interesting view of Alex from near the ground
'Twist' was star of the show
The dancers added a lot to the show
Farewell Fresh Beat Band!

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