July 2012 Photos

Molly with the girls after a sleepover
Char clowning around
Alex loves to play cars now
Alex inspecting the track
'Come back here!'
Alex enjoys a sunset on a nice July night
'The sunset is the other way, buddy'
Mom had a unfortunate accident while dancing with the girls and ended up on crutches for a week or so
Enjoying time with the Chilcotes on the 4th of July
Watermelon anyone?
Emma and Sarah cool off on the 4th
The Chilcotes and Murphys ready for a water balloon fight
Elliot and Sarah were on a team for the water ballon fight
Char as the Mad Hatter!
The girls and their little guys wore similar outfits
We went to the pool later in the day on July 4th
The water was nice on a hot 4th of July
The sun is tough on little Alex's eyes
Alex enjoys the sand on a hot 4th of July
The kids in the sand at the pool on July 4th (Alex had something blue apparently!)
Alex at the pool - July 4, 2012
Sarah with one of her favorite summer reading spots - the messy garage
July 7, 2012 - very HOT!
This was the hottest July on record in Dayton and the whole US
We say goodbye to Fr. Ron - July 7, 2012
Char says goodbye to Sinjin and Fr. Ron
A nice picture of Sinjin from Charlotte
Char with her buddy Sinjin
Like father, like son...
The girls meticulously made this pattern out of Alex's race track
The girls help Alex setup the tracks and cars
Happy 35th, Andy
Father and son share one of their many passions - DOTS!
Char picks a couple ripe tomatos from the garden
Grandma with the kids in a July visit
We went for an office consoltation and Char came back with braces on her teeth!
Char with braces on her teeth - July 25, 2012
Mom, Alex and Char cozy up on a July night - I guess the A/C was doing its job!
Char and Hannah see each other again after a long hiatus
The girls were very happy to see their second cousin Hannah for a visit in Miamisburg
The weather was great for an outside lunch

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