Basement Construction and Finishing - 2012

The basement is cleared out and ready for construction!
The blue tape outline shows where the bathroom in our basement will be
Jackhammer time!
The plan is to tuck the bathroom right under the stairs
Two of the three bits that came with the jackhammer
Once the first break in the concrete happens, the rest is downhill
Andy breaking through the concrete
This wasn't my first rodeo so I knew what to expect in jackhammering
Breaking the concrete is kind of the easy part - digging all of it out is the pain
It only took a couple hours to break up all of the concrete
A pile of rubble ready for removal
The walkout basement is nice as you can get a wheelbarrow in to haul away debris
The girls check out the big dig in the basement
After a lot of digging, I finally hit the drain pipe
There is a foundation drain clay pipe (right side of the picture) that was down there also
It was a lot of work to dig this hole out
The hole is ready for plumbing
There was no dirt under the concrete - only gravel and clay
That is quite the pile of rubble

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