May - June 2012 Photos

Sarah with friend Natalie performed 'Harry Potter in 99 seconds' in the end of the year school talent show
Char likes having Alex visit her classroom
Deanna and Char on her second last day of first grade,
Char read her journal to us in her classroom
Char had a great time with Mrs. Kemper as her 1st grade teacher!
Char's 1st grade class - last day of school at the West Campus
The girls with their lunches on the last day of school
A rainy last day of school (Sarah in 3rd grade, Char in 1st)
We put a garden in the backyard - June 2, 2012
D with her Dad helping put together the raised garden beds
Sarah and Char are excited to have a garden again
Mom lines the bottom of the beds with paper to prevent weeds
Grandpa and Dad got dirt in this truck and he pulled it right back to where it needed to be
It was easier to take pictures than to shovel all this dirt
''We dig dirt, We dig dirt!''
We had just the right amount of dirt
Girls getting every last ounce of dirt from the truck
The real story of this picture is Charlotte in the background
Alex and Dad plant a tomato
Dad with helpers plants a garden - June 2, 2012
Dad and helpers are all smiles here
Char with a cherry tomato plant ready to be planted
D planted the seeds in one of our two raised garden beds
We have a garden again after a 4 year hiatus
This garden is planted and even mulched
This garden had lettuce, beans, carrots and peppers
Char read 18 hours in the first 3 weeks of summer vacation
Sarah ready Harry Potter - the 4th one in the series
The girls show off their reading charts - making great progress!
The Chilcote family came over for a June visit
The crew on Father's Day 2012
This was a fun card to open and 'reflect on' for weeks to come
Best Pop Ever!
This was a creative and tasty treat
The card D and the kids made me for Father's Day 2012
The daisies growing nicely in the warm June weather
We all got dressed up for the girls' first 'real play' - Wicked
Our house with overgrown bushes - June 23, 2012
Debris from one of the two bushes
D working on getting rid of all unnecessary branches
We let these bushes get out of control as we knew we were ripping them out
One bush almost out - another to go
Alex got his own drumset from Grandpa!
'Crank it up!'
Alex has a blast playing his drums
Our house with large front bushes removed
Alex helps Mom water the garden
This was one of the first pics taken with our replacement new camera

Playing around
Some nice daisies prior to our summer drought
Lexi and the kids have a patriotic parade chanting the pledge of Allegiance
Outside on a nice June night
Our three musketeers
Enjoying a snuggle on a summer afternoon
The girls and Mom decided to make homemade crayons in the van on a very hot June day
June 28 - the high temperature was over 100!
The wax is all melted together!
The wax was all liquid - we brought it inside to cool
Crayola - eat your heart out!
The crayons were solid after cooling down
A nice assortment of colors!
These crayons make nice artwork too!
Maybe we can make money off these somehow?
We lost a tree in our backyard during a storm - June 29, 2012
The troops come out to investigate the damage
The base of the tree that snapped
The tree draped over the creek

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