Jan - April 2012 Photos

Sarah showing off the braids she put in her Barbie's hair
'Let's see what kind of encryption they have, maybe I can break it'
Alex likes the computer - even at age 2
Alex plays with his noisy police car he got at Christmas
I think it is time for a new seat
Amazingly, it wasn't too bad driving with the seat this messed up
Notice the angle on the back of the seat - definitely not back friendly
The kids enjoy a meal together while watching a show
Healthy McDonald's for lunch
I got the old seat out once I found a replacement at the junk yard
The seat from the junkyard was a match - until the airbag stopped working because of it!
Char played basketball again in the winter 2012
Charlotte's 'Red Team' ready for domination
Char with her friend Avery
The sign by our church after Christmas
Andy with neighbor Dallas and Father-in-law Rick moved a huge desk into our office
I think we may see some workers comp claims after this!
We got the desk in somehow, but man was it heavy!
The Hope Coach is getting closer to opening for business
Made yourself at home, D
Sarah with her completed chameleon project
Alex and Mom at Family Fun Day
Deanna works at assembling a desk we bought for the girls computer
Char with a FurReal pet rabbit she bought
Deanna's new laptop arrives - Jan 23, 2012
The screen works and everything - unlike her old one!
Alex advertises to sell one of her sisters
Alex tries out the new computer desk
Grandpa Rick helped us pick up our new furniture with his truck
Grandpa putting the legs on our new couch
Alex and Mom try out the new furniture - Jan 28, 2012
The girls approve of the new furniture
Char tries to get a ride from Grandpa
Alex and Andy in the man chair
Dad and Alex liking the snuggle in the new chair
Andy painted the ceiling - and his eye apparently!
The yellow walls will be a memory soon
Deanna cuts in a new color in our family room
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Alex!
Don't pee on the new couch Superman!
The girls dressed up for a special day at school
Char with her new glasses - her second pair
Mom with her new classes
The ladies try a snuggle in the new chair
Deanna heads to the hospital for shoulder surgery - Feb 8, 2012
Deanna staying warm before surgery
Alex with Mom a day after surgery
Holy short hair, Alex!
To be this small again...
Alex in a toy bin with Char beside him
You can tell how small Alex is here
Mom's shoulder after surgery
It is amazing that something that looks so small could cause so much pain
Pretty flowers for Mom after surgery from a friend
A gift for Deanna after surgery from Amy
Char sports her new glasses that turn dark in the sunlight
A rare snowfall for our 2012 winter
Sarah ate something that made her tongue green
We think Fun Dip was the culprit
A true rockstar with shirt off
Sarah with a shorter haircut
Char sports a new haircut
Conjoined twins Sarah and Char
Not sure what was going on here
Alex is singing for his family
Alex and Andy with matching name tags - Alex's is actually part of his shirt
'This better be important!'
Alex no pants on really lives up to his gender
Char reads to a captive audience
Alex enjoys some watercolor time with Mom
Alex proves pants are not needed when painting
The kids enjoy a show with a snack
Ice cream anyone?
Alex - April 3, 2012
Who wants a million dollars?
Char liked playing with Matthew during an April visit
Char wiped out after a busy day

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