Christmas 2011 Photos

Uncle Scott holds Alex high on Christmas Eve
Alex smiles with his sisters on Christmas Eve 2011
The kids on Christmas Eve
The girls sport chef hats they received
Alex got a loud police car from Grandpa
Char gets a new game
Santa gives Andy a candy cane - I definitely could have used it
Char was excited to get a Christmas Eve visit from Santa
'Do you like my dress, Santa?'
D sports footie pajamas!
The girls play with a new toy Alex got
Mom with Alex and Sarah at Aunt Brenda's house
One big happy family of footie pajamas!
Mom and Alex opening gifts on Christmas Day 2011
Char with a new Rapunzel doll from the movie Tangled
Sarah with a magic kit
'What is it Mom?'
Mom and Alex excited to open the next gift
Char with a big art set as one of her gifts
The girls were excited to get this set of princesses
Alex enjoys a pop tart while opening gifts
Mom looks more excited than Alex!
Tear that paper, buddy!
Alex still isn't a morning person - even on Christmas Day
Alex plays with one of his new toys

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