December 2011 Photos

Charlotte singing in the annual school Christmas concert
Char singing in the school concert - Dec 13, 2012
Reach for the stars...
Sarah sports a hat for one number in the concert
Where else can you wear a plastic hat and not get laughed at?
Sarah seems kind of out on her own on the risers
Sarah with her 3rd grade class - her last Christmas concert with the West campus
Char looking very pretty for her school Christmas concert
Sarah and Char - Dec 13, 2011
Alex doesn't know what to do with the attention from the ladies
Sarah with her friend Alex after the school Christmas program
Alex on the hunt for our Christmas tree!
We didn't end up picking this tree!
The kids and Andy with our traditional Christmas tree pose
The tree is down and close to ready for transport
Trimming it up before taking it home
Some nice cake pops made by Deanna for our FPU graduation
Our Bishop Leibold FPU class graduated December 6, 2011
The girls play the Wii on a December day
Alex and Char ready for the annual Christmas parade in Miamisburg
Downtown Miamisburg - people lined up for the parade
Bishop Leibold represented in the parade
The BLS cheerleaders at the Christmas 2011 parade
Char and Alex watching the parade
Mr. and Mrs. Claus close the parade
Alex and Mom ready to visit Santa
Our three bears with Mr. and Mrs. Claus
The kids visit with Santa
Alex with Grandpa and Dave on the horse drawn carriage
The girls enjoy the cold ride around Miamisburg
Dad by the world famous Hamburger Wagon in Miamisburg!
Wimpy eats his burger in the street
Alex and Grandma play piano during their December visit
'Is this a C minor, Grandma?'
Grandpa gives Charlotte a ride
Sarah and Grandma at the piano - Dec 10, 2011
Meatloaf anyone?
A little alcohol and Phase 10 - always a good time
Grandma played some Christmas carols on the piano
We celebrated Dave's birthday at our house
Happy 37th birthday Dave!
D and Nicole at Marsha's retirement party
Our 7th FPU class graduated Dec 15, 2011

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