Easter 2012

Char and Maggie enjoy homemade pizza by aunt Amy!
Alex and Mom enjoy food after a long trip to NJ
The cousins gather around the soccer ball
'I love this swing!!'
The brothers hang out with Alex on the swing
Our three munchkins together on the swing
We let Char have the camera and take some pictures - including this one
Maggie on a walk during our Easter visit
Aunt Amy with Sarah on a walk
Charlotte loves nature - she captures this interesting shot of a couple trees tangled up
Andy carries Alex through the woods
More nature shots by Charlotte
Strolling through the woods
The wood walking crew
Sarah and Amy enjoying nature together
boonie trying to bite her way out
Maggie hanging out and gets captured by Charlotte
Chris caught off-guard by Charlottte. Maybe she will work for TMZ someday?
Maggie and Sarah help make brownies for Mom's surprise birthday celebration
Jill made some treats for Deanna
Happy Birthday D!
Something was funny....
We had a surprise party for D's birthday in NJ
Alex hangs with big cousin Jack while he plays video games
Mom got some gifts to open as well
Alex and Dad enjoy some laughs
A great pic of Andy and son
Char and Maggie spend some time on the computer
NJ family on Easter - Apr 8, 2012
Ian and Jill are really tall now
Everyone cleaned up nicely for Easter
The weather was nice - esp for early April
Our kids at Easter - Take 1
Our kids at Easter - Take 2
Our kids at Easter - Take 3
Our family - Easter 2012
Who did I think I was with the sunglasses? Michael Jackson?
What a cute couple
Similar smiles and shirts for this pic
Lovely ladies
Andy imitating some of the church music from Easters of the past
Jack and his little sports buddy Alex
The sun was tough for Alex to handle
Char and Maggie search for Easter eggs
Alex loved playing in this sand area
We enjoyed Easter dinner outside on the back patio
We played a decent amount of basetball - weather was great for it
She shoots, she....?
Maggie drives to the hoop
The kids liked to take walks with their cousins
Alex rides a big boy swing at the park
The kids had a good time at the park
The girls enjoy some time in the hot tub

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