Charlotte's 7th Birthday - March 2012

Mom and the girls started Char's birthday by making donuts!
Almost time to dig in!
Char opens her gifts
Char is happy about a sticker book
Char with a webkinz she named Spotty
Char with her new frog she named 'Sparkley'
what could it be?
Char on her 7th birthday - Mar 9, 2012
Yummy cake
Happy Birthday Char!
'Make a wish!'
We had Char's party at Romar Skating Rink in Germantown
Char lacing up!
Sarah, Char and Nicole
Emma and Sarah taking a break from skating
Tearing up the rink
Mom curled Char's hair for the party
Elijah and Mom crusing around the rink
Char with her friend Kylie
The Younts getting some laps in
D and Alex with Elijah and Nicole
Char with her good friend Avery
Char with some of her friends at her skating party
Sarah has some tickets from playing games
Alex had fun playing this game with Jeremy
You have a few years before you can do this for real buddy
Char and her friends take a break from skating for cake and presents
There was plenty of cake and ice cream for all
That is a lot of people for Char's birthday!
Table 2 for Char's party
Table 3 for Char's party
Table 4 for Char's party
Kylie B decorated Char's gift nicely
Char has some work to do to go through all of those gifts
Char got a Pillow Pet blanket
Nail polish anyone?
The party room at Romar was packed with all of Char's guests
A wire cursive-written Charlotte - how cool
Char could actually read the cards this year!
Char with Kenna and her thoughtful gift
Happy Birthday from Romar Skating Rink!
Inspecting one of the gifts
Kathy was nice to hang out with Alex during the party
Mom thinks something is funny..
Char opens more of her gifts
Char with new jammies from Kathy!
Kylie got this great gift for Charlotte
Andy skates away with the gifts!
Grandma Pat got Char Bendaroos!
Char gets a new pet!
Grandpa bought Charlotte a dog!
Grandpa with his buddy Alex
Alex gets tickled by Grandpa!
Char with a new swimsuit
Char with a new lovely dress

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