Sarah's 9th Birthday - Apr 2012

Cake and cupcakes for Sarah's 9th birthday
Sarah is 9 today - Apr 29, 2012
Sarah ready to open her gifts
Take 2 - Sarah still ready
Sarah gets another Pillow Pet
Sarah got Alvin and the Chipmunks
What could this be?
Sarah likes world record books
A book about the weather - hopefully not too much about tornados
Ligretto is a fun card game we played with Sarah's cousins
Sarah got a $20 bill! Wow!
Sarah has read the first two Harry Potter books already - so she got the first two movies!
Another Harry Potter gift!
A game featuring Hogwarts!
Charlotte with a smile from a birthday card she received!
A card game? That will get Grandma Pat's attention!
Happy 9th birthday!
Make a wish!
The girls play a game of Ligretto
Deanna dominated - big surprise!
We had a 'Spa' birthday for Sarah at a new place in Centerville
'I don't know if I fit in here...'
Sarah and her friends at a table
Sarah works on coloring a container for a sugar scrub
Theresa works on decorating her container
Char working on her container
Jordan decorating in her robe
A sharpie and some decorations make for a fun time
Sarah and Theresa working on mixing their sugar
The girls making a sugar scrub with sugar and water
Katie and Jordan hanging out at the party
Sarah sporting a robe
Lexi with Charlotte at the party
Sarah on the fancy 'high heel' shoe chair
Sarah getting the full spa treatment
Sarah with a yogurt facial
Camille gets her nails done
Some girls meditating to the relaxing music
Lexi getting her yogurt facial
Camille gets her chance
Sarah got her toes painted at the spa party
Hanging out at the party
Charlotte relaxing with cucumbers on her eyes
Jodan with cucumbers
Theresa taking in some relaxation
Lexi at Sarah's spa party
The birthday girl enjoys the spa treatment
Molly resting with some cucumbers
Nora can't help smiling with the spa treatment
Josie could stay here for awhile
Katie sports some cucumbers on the eyes
Camille at Sarah's spa party
Under normal circumstances, this would be very odd to be filming a bunch of girls in a spa
Cleaning up after the yogurt facial
Sarah doesn't look so relaxed anymore...
Sarah, Char and 8 other friends
The girls line up to play pin the lips on the frog
Char having a good time at the party
The girls running around at the party
Enjoying some pizza and lemonade
Deanna guards the balloons
Don't think about eating this pizza, Dad!
All smiles for Sarah's 9th birthday
Mom with her just turned 9 year old daughter
The kids do the 'hokey pokey' with Spot
The girls with Spot from 'The Birthday Spot'
A silly pose with Spot
Sarah and Char embrace at the party
Time for some cupcakes!
Make a wish...
Alex and Dad were the only two guys at the party
Let's dig in!
Jordan and a cupcake
The girls in their robes watch Sarah open her gifts
Sarah opens her gifts
Sarah got a lot of nice gifts from her friends
Molly was there for moral support
Some friendship bracelets
It was a great 9th birthday party for our girl Sarah

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